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Philadelphia’s ONLY weekly radio show covering all topics animal related!

 The Other Animals is a weekly, one-hour radio show exploring the fascinating world of animals and how we relate to them. Why do we invite some into our home yet eat others? Why do some scare the daylights out of us? Why are we so consistently inconsistent when it comes to thinking about them? What are the lessons we can learn from them?

The Other Animals airs at 10:00 am every Friday on Philadelphia’s WWDB TALK 860. It is also heard live via streaming at www.wwdbam.com and on the TuneInRadio and IHeartRadio apps. Podcasts can be found at iTunes, Spotify, and the Podcast page on this site. We are a proud member of the iROAR Podcast Network, the podcasting network dedicated to animal advocacy, scholarship, ideas, social justice, activism, environmentalism and making the world a better place for all animals.