Who is The Manzo?

Laurent Levy received his MS in Anthrozoology, sometimes known as “Human-Animal Studies,” way back in 2016. Among the many “Anzos” in his class, he was the only “Man,” and the Manzo was born. 

The host of The Other Animals has a wide array of interests and expertise. An IT Consultant by day, Laurent has an extensive background as a classical musician, a pilot, a Second Generation survivor and student of the Holocaust, and an anthrozoologist.

He has combined these interests to produce The Other Animals, an in-depth exploration of the complex relationships between human and non-human animals.  

Laurent believes radio is the perfect platform from which to engage in these discussions. The absence of graphic imagery, which might cause many to immediately “tune out,” is gratefully absent, inviting the opportunity to actively listen, consider, and positively engage.